Control the volume around you in one twist.
Keep your mind clear and focused with Veer Earplugs.

Surrounding sounds constantly distract us, killing concentration and productivity. With Veer Earplugs you can choose the comfortable level of sound isolation and make the most of your potential today and every day.
This new Veer Earplugs might make your work from home more tolerable. All you have to do to set up the desired volume on the Veer Earplugs is to twist the outer ring slowly.
Adjust the level of sound isolation to improve concentration
Veer Earplugs adsorb the most irritating medium-frequency sounds up to 30 db. Turn the ring slowly to drown out the surrouning noises.
You hear everything clearly

Veer Earplugs reduce the surrounding noise dramatically due to their special patent-pending design

The specially-molded interiour of the funnel helps to block irritating noises. You slowly close the funnel by twisting further.
The silicone tip is big enough to filter noises but extra soft so you feel comfy

Anatomic shape of the tip perfectly fits your ears and reduces noise effectively

We have tested dozens of tips to finally design those perfectly fitting the ear canal.
I feel like being in a capsule
Silicone spiral is big enough to filter noises but extra-soft so you feel comfy
I put them in, twisted the adjuster and felt like magic literally. I mean, I still hear the office and people speaking, but these sounds are seemingly so much away from me. I don't distract, just do my work, and it rocks.
Elizabeth, marketer
You work
What you plan to do
What you manage to do effectively in constant noise
less effectively with unwanted noises*
When our brain is our most valuable asset, maybe we should let it work at full capacity?
−5 db

−15 db

−30 db
clear sound — to speak with people with no need to remove the earplugs
city and office noise — to let the brain work easier
almost full silence — for an evening relax after the busy day
−5 db
−15 db
−30 db
people's conversations
clicking of pens
air conditioning
nearby construction...
The more you turn the ring, the more surrounding noises are drowning out to let you focus.

Why to choose Veer Earplugs over others?

Stepless noise reduction:
5 to 40 dB
Set the volume of the surroundings for yourself. Turn on silence to focus. Turn the ring to hear your interlocutor, but to drown out the other noise.
Without electronics and wires
No need to charge, can be used in water, safe for your brain. .
Super soft silicone
Comfortable to wear all day, several sizes for different ears in the kit.
No irritating vacuum feel
As the ambouchure is spiral-shaped, it lets your ear breathe
Easy to clean
Just rinse the silicone liner in warm water and then wipe with a cloth.
Protects from most harmful sounds
If the noise level of 60-65 dB lasts a long time, this can reduce your productivity and irritate you
Every person has unique ear canals that are different in the size and the angle. You need to choose the best tips for you and twist them along the earplugs several times to find the ideal angle. You only need to do it when wearing Veer for the first time.
If you are one the 3,8% of people who will not feel comfy wearing our tips due to unique ear canals, you can use usual tips or get your money back.
Four tips pairs in every set — choose perfect tips for you
$39 $59
Use early bird offer to get your earplugs at a special price. The number of earplugs in the first batch with a special offer is limited.
Get your Veer Earplugs from the exclusive first batch at a special price
We are waiting for the exclusive first batch with earplugs made of light and durable space aluminium. You can get your Veer Earplugs at a special price now if you are ready to wait 1,5 months for the shipping.
Get your Veer Earplugs from the exclusive first batch
at a special price
Watch the test by the pro from engineers team
Veer Earplugs isolate sound better than their popular alternatives.
Tilda Publishing
FAQs on Veer Earplugs
How it works?
It is inserted in the ear canal and adjusts the noise level by changing the size of the hole in the earplug. Just scroll the week on the earplug to choose the copy level.
Does it have the time limits to wear?
No. You can use the earplugs as long as you want to. It is absolutely safe.
Is it comfortable to wear?
Yes. The earplug is almost not felt, and after 30 minutes you forget that there is something in the ear. It is soft and tender in ear.
Does it have electronics?
No, there's no electronics at all. Just the engineeringly right construction and a bit of magic inside :)
What's the size of the earplugs? Will it suits my ear?
It suits every ear, because it has the special soft and comfortable ear cushion.
The dimensions are:
Height: 2,2 cm
Diameter: 0,8 cm
Can I use it to listen music?
No, because it doesn't have electronics. It can't be connected to the phone. You can use it when need to be in silence.
How to put it in?
Roll the earplug between your thumb and index finger. You should roll the earplug into a snake-like shape. This will make it smaller so it can be easily inserted into the ear. The foam will expand again once you've fitted it inside your ear, blocking sound. If the ear plug is particularly thick, you can roll it between your hands instead. Just make sure that you are just thinning the ear plug out lengthwise, rather than rolling it up into a ball.
If I work in very noisy production - does it works?
Yes. It will help you to protect your ears. For example, the usual noise level on productions is 80 dB. Our earplugs help to lower it till comfortable conditions. You can easily use it in the production and choose the most comfortable mode.
Can I swim with my earplugs?
Yes, you can use it while swim. It is water resistant.
Can I sleep in it?
Yes. The earplugs design let you comfortable sleep with it for the whole night. It won't disturb you at all.
Is it safe for ears to use?
Of course. Our earplugs doesn't have any electronics so it is absolutely safe for your health and hearing.
Price and shipping
How much does it cost? Can I buy it now?
The original price is $59.
Earplugs is in production now. In July 2020 we're going to start shipping. You can get Veer Earplugs now for only $39 if you are ready to wait a bit. The early bird offer is only available for the first batch.
Is the shipping worldwide? How much does it cost?
Yes, we ship worldwide. Now, the cost is fixed and it's $9.
How long will I have to wait for delivery?
In 2020 we're going to start shipping. We'll ship all over the world.
Who will pay the taxes?
Taxes are paid by the customer if necessary in your country.
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